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The Papa John's 10 Miler will be using the state-of-the-art race timing technology from ChronoTrack, implemented by Enmotive Race Management.

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The Papa John's 10 Miler, and the other Louisville Triple Crown of Running races, are proud to announce the implementation of ChronoTrack, a new innovation that allows for the use of disposable tags called, B-Tags. One of the many goals of the ChronoTrack system is to simplify the timing process for athletes.

ChronoTrack Systems, having continued their pioneering work in UHF timing systems, is now pleased to announce the arrival of the most anticipated technology in race timing history: The B-Tag, a disposable UHF RFID tag that stays mounted on the runner’s bib. Because the B-Tag is mounted on the back of the runner’s bib, it is virtually invisible to the participant and requires no special pre or post-race handling. The disposable B-Tag insures high accuracy, fast results and simplicity of use for races of all sizes.

NOTE: Please be sure to wear your bib on the outside of all your garments for accurate timing.

Click here for the B-Tag instruction sheet.